September Downloads
Despite my current lack of readers, my hope for the future is of course to have many loyal fans and followers for my art. With that in mind, I want there to always be options available for those who want...
Fujiwara Takumi Illustration
Spin Cycle #1: Szechuan Food and Initial D
I wanted to include these weekly round-up posts to give myself a chance to reflect on the week and give a shout out to some things I’ve been enjoying that might not merit their own post. I listen...
Let's Press Restart
I’ve been thinking about content lately. Well, I think about content quite often, to be honest. As someone working in marketing and social media, the subject of content and trends and how to grab...
Street Dance of China Season 5 is out now, but fans aren't happy with the Youku International App
I became a fan of Street Dance of China (or SDC) when the third season was only just airing in 2020. Around that time I had developed a minor obsession with a Chinese drama called The Untamed (on Netflix!)...
Nostalgia for Norway Through Travel Paintings
2019 was such a different time. When I look back on my memories from that year, it’s like looking at myself from an alternate reality. I had been working for the same company for three and a half years...